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Sample Open Exchange™ Question

If the sum of x and y is 16, then how much greater is x than z? (This is not a typo)

a.  16 - y - z

b.  16 - z

c.  16 - y

d. The answer cannot be determined based on the information given.

(Hint:  It’s not answer choice “d”!)

There are typically between 6 - 10 Open Exchanges  on every SAT.  Using Algebra, these problems are all unique, and typically represent the hardest problems on the SAT and ACT.  Using our system, every one of the problems in this category become standardized, and can be worked with 4th grade math.    

Again, these are considered extremely difficult problems, and most students have no idea how to work them, but you will be able to work them all with 4th grade math, in less than 90 seconds with our system.

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