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4th grade math strategies for unbelievably high scores on the Math Section of the SAT and ACT®

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“Every teacher I’ve had since kindergarten told my mom and dad that I was a poor standardized test taker.  Then I took Coach Wilson’s Course.  They were so wrong!” 
~ Abigail Arehardt

Let me get the guarantee out of the way up front.  Using my “Clockwork Math System,” you will bust out SAT and ACT math scores higher than you ever thought possible ~ using 4th grade math skills!  It works great ~ even if you hate math!

"SAT" is a registered trademark of the College Board, and they were not consulted in the production of this video series, and they obviously do not endorse this DVD course.

Ask yourself this question:

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew the exact problems you were going to see on the SAT and ACT, and  a preposterously easy, 4th grade math approach to work every one of them ~ without using any Algebra ?”

If you answered “yes” then you need our program.

Clockwork Math is the national online presence of Carolina College Prep

Here’s What You Get for Your $279

   † 5-Disk DVD Math Course covering the most difficult high frequency problems on the SAT, complete with 4th grade math solutions to work them.

   † 1 year unlimited access to the Online SAT/ ACT Prep University with 24 hours of video, and regular Webinars.  The online venues provide a place to chat with Coach Wilson, and all the other students trying to put points on their SAT / ACT scores too.  In here, we consider specific problems of interest off of recent SATs, examples of cool problems that fall directly in our system, and other things we didn’t get to in the DVD series, like Gizmo ProblemsTM, Number JumblesTM, The Triangle ToolboxTM, Probability, Ratios, ASR GeometryTM, y = mx + b, Structure CluesTM, Evidenced Based Reading Passages, Essay prompts, etc.  

  † Proprietary Course Syllabus with all the problems that covered in the DVD series, and even more problems for practice on your own.  The Syllabus and the Online SAT/ ACT Prep University also have bonus Evidenced Based Reading & Writing Sections.  

  †  Regular updates as problems come in and out of favor on tests.

  † A higher Math Score on your next SAT or ACT.

You can not beat this offer for this price, and your SAT score will thank you immensely.


Let me begin by saying that this Online SAT/ ACT Prep Course and 5-disk SAT Math DVD Course is an absolute must if your child is taking the SAT or the ACT.  

Our Course considers the difficult, high frequency problems that appear on every Math section of the SAT and ACT (that students typically have no idea how to work).  Using our custom designed, proprietary techniques that work for all students ~ even those students who are not all that good in math ~ you will be able to crank out tremendous scores on the Math Section of the SAT or ACT using simple 4th grade math applications!  You read correctly, you'll be able to work all of the most difficult problems on the Math Section of the SAT and the ACT with 4th grade math skills.  Sounds crazy, but it is true.  

Take a close look at the sample problems by type, take a look at the screen shots, read through all of the testimonials, if you can, then order our 5-Disk SAT/ ACT Math on DVD course by clicking the PayPal link at the top of the page!

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Only $279

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PayPal: Buy 5-Disk SAT Math DVD Series with Proprietary Syllabus, and 1 year unlimited forum access

Only $279

US Orders Only

PayPal: Buy 5-Disk SAT Math DVD Series with Proprietary Syllabus, and 1 year unlimited forum access

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