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Clockwork Math is the national online presence for Carolina College Prep.  It is our ambition to be the best “unconventional resource” for getting higher SAT scores when the traditional academic approach has failed (and believe me, the academic approach will fail most students) ~ which is why we exist.

Where we have been
Where we are going

In 1996, Clockwork Math founder, Jonathan Wilson had just opened his new business (operating under the name, “College Tuition Strategies”) with the initial focus of working with parents in the pre-retirement phase of life who also had college bound children.  The specific objective was to help these parents balance their children’s college expenses without compromising their own retirement plans through sound planning, and good school selection.  This is not something that happened naturally, and many retirement plans have failed because college expenses were not effectively managed.

When the constitutional ban on State Sponsored Lotteries was lifted in South Carolina in 2000, it was clear, that the first, best, step to reducing college expenses for parents was to increase their students’ SAT scores, so the company quickly altered their primary focus to address higher SAT scores.  Over the next few years, demand for the SAT course skyrocketed, and the firm’s unique approach to score improvement generated consistently high results that no other firms seemed to be able to match.

In 2010, after reaching a saturation point, the decision was made to produce a DVD series and Online SAT/ACT Prep University that covered all of the course material.  

Since then, the Online SAT/ACT Prep University provides a venue for DVD students, and has surpassed the value of the DVD series (because of the nearly unlimited content available in our Online Catalog).  Both resources are included in your purchase.,


Future projects include GRE, and G-MAT Prep, as well as L-SAT Prep on DVD.

“This SAT program is MUCH BETTER than the regular SAT practice books you buy in the book store.  Coach Wilson makes learning how to use his simple math to solve complex problems easy and fun. ~  Bryce Burton

“Coach Wilson teaches with a great deal of enthusiasm and humor.  I was not bored at any time, and I learned a whole lot.  ~ Meghana Ras

“This course really opened my eyes to new techniques that I know are going to help improve my SAT scores.  I think the forum is a good idea also. ~ Kalea Jackson

“I’m not good at math at all, but because of this DVD series, I can now get a better score on the Math section.  I will not be so terrified when I take the SAT next time. ~ Natalie Hilley

“I learned a lot the first time I ‘went through it,’ and even more the second time.  I would not have known half of this stuff going in to the test without your preparation. ~ Shelby Lambert

“I enjoyed it.  It really helped me with the skills I need for the test.  I was nervous about taking the SAT again after the experience I had on the first SAT, but now that I know how to work all the problems that were causing me fits, I’m kind of looking forward to it.  ~ Christine Mitchell